About Me

About Me:
My name is Linda I am a 21 year old college student and book addict. I love both reading and writing. Like stated I am a college student currently studying to get a degree in communications. 

 About the blog:

Bookendipity was officially launched on (TBD). While down in Florida doing an internship i found out that there is this book blog community shortly after coming back home I decided to jump on the bandwagon and give this whole "blogging about books" a shot. The toughest part was making up the name because the best, witty, cute ideas were already taken. For some unknown reason one day the word "serendipity" was stuck in my head, I'm in love with this word just saying it is fun. Desperately wanting to use it in the name of my blog I thought of different ideas till night while reading I though about using the word "book" and adding part of "serendipity" at the end and that is when Bookendipity was created. 


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